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Twin Peaks Brewing Co. began in 1998 as a humble contribution in the thriving Twin Peaks internet community. In '98 there were dozens of active Twin Peaks websites, each offering a unique perspective on the series. Twin Peaks Brewing Co. entered this busy "market" with a focus on the role that coffee played in the series. Seemed like in Twin Peaks, you could scarcely bat an eye among all the coffee references! Original site offerings included background info on the series, some pictures and audio files, quotes, trivia, and of course coffee references. Over the years our humble site has grown, at times haphazardly, with more and more content accumulating faster than we could update.

We are now rising to the challenge of organizing and presenting this vast accumulation of Twin Peaks and David Lynch content. Bear with us and be patient through the process, eh? We're both quite busy with work, school, and family, but we'll do the best we can. Our ultimate goal for this site is to provide you, the Twin Peaks devotee, a well-rounded serving of guides, images, music, quotes, downloads, sounds, video, and more to satisfy your Twin Peaks cravings.

The content from this site comes from inumerable sources. We have been sent many things over the years to add to the site from fans as well as compiled information from sites which have been gone for years. Some of our information can be found on other websites, but here you will be able to find a lot of info in one place without having to search and search for hard-to-find Twin Peaks websites. A lot of our multimedia is "original" content, having been painstakingly ripped from DVDs and tapes by Amanda. Many quotable quotes ans trivia have been "hand selected" by us for your enjoyment. This site contains a lot of information that is under copyright protection. We will try to provide the holders of the copyright with the materials when possible. If you are a copyright holder and would like your content removed, please let us know: We'd also appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have on how to improve this site. Thanks, Jenny and Amanda

You can probably find Amanda AKA KahlanMnel on the Twin Peaks Gazette boards, where she is a moderator. Jenny AKA Tao of Coffee is more easily found at Jenny @ Myspace. Amanda can also be found there: Amanda @ Myspace.