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The Books of Twin Peaks

When they're good, they're very very good...
But when they're bad...BOY are they horrid!

The Access Guide to the Town is full of priceless fictional Twin Peaksian gems. You can get background info on most main characters, historical information on families and the town, recipes, maps, events, faux-advertisements, and much, much more. It is out of print. Contrived by David Lynch, Mark Frost and Richard Saul Wurman. ISBN 0-671-74399-6

You can buy this used and new from sellers.

Amanda says: "This book is fun to have, but not a real source of anything useable in terms of valid TP arguments. Although it says it was created by Lynch/Frost, it really wasn't."

The Autobiography of Dale Cooper is a diary of sorts, a prequel to the Dale we know and love. It is a unique view into the mind o' Coop. It starts when he is thirteen and ends right when he is on his way to investigate Laura's death. It was written by Scott Frost, Mark Frost's son. (Also out of Print.) ISBN 0-671-74400-3

You can buy this used and new from sellers.

Amanda says: "Not bad at all. It kind of gives you a real insight to the whole point trying to be made about Dale Cooper not being the perfect person everyone thought he was when he failed in the Lodge."

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer is perhaps the most well known and loved of the Twin Peaks books. It goes through Laura's traumatic childhood, her life of sex, drugs and secrets and BOB. We get a lot of "background" on the character we ordinarily wouldn't have. This wonderful offering was written by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David Lynch. (Out of Print.) ISBN 0-671-73590-X

You can buy this used and new from sellers.

Amanda says: "A really good read overall. Aside from some rather glaring inconsistencies with the series, I would actually consider this to be the most concrete source of theory information outside of the series."

Published in 1990 by Pioneer Books, Behind the Scenes gives you an insiders view of Twin Peaks. Also includes an episode synopsis. Written by Mark Altman. (Out of Print.) This is a hard book to find, so if you can get it at a decent price, do so! ISBN 1-55698-284-4

You can buy this used and new from sellers.

Amanda says: "This book is only good for the sake of having it. There are gross mistakes throughout that make it the butt of a great many peaksfan jokes."

Contains critical essays, plus lists of cast members, directors, and writers for each episode, a calendar of red- letter dates in the show's convoluted plot, and a scene breakdown of every episode. Essays discuss topics such as the art and politics of the show, its use of music, a feminist reading of "Twin Peaks," and postmodernism and television. [Summary from] ISBN 0814325068

Full of Secrets: Critical Approaches to Twin Peaks (Contemporary Film and Television Series)

Amanda says: "Twin Peaks for Scholars...that's pretty much what this is. But don't let that deter you! If you are ripe for TP discussions, this is your tome."

Who's Who & What's What is a commercial offering that basically guides the viewer through the series. Included are an episode guide, character guide and some background info. This is out-of-print, but available for auction on eBay or Amazon. ISBN 0-451-17031-8

You can buy this used and new from sellers.

Amanda says: "This book should just be called 'A Big Steamy Pile of Turds With a Shiny Cover.' 'Cause that's about how much this book is really worth. Obviously an unauthorized rushjob done to take advantage of the peak of Peaks fandom."

In 1990, Anlon Music/Bobkind Music released the sheet music for the Twin Peaks Theme. Lyrics by David Lynch, Music by Angelo Badalamenti. The sheet music is rare, but is occasionally up for auction on eBay.

You can view it online here.

Amanda says: "One day I shall actually own this book...but in the meantime I'm happy with the bogarted Adobe files of the pages. Not for the beginner musician, the music sounds pretty much just like the soundtrack."