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So far, we have only found three Twin Peaks/FWWM Desktop Themes on the net. We found two at Themeworld and one, well, we don't remember. We have also found four screen savers. All have been tested on a computer and are virus-free. Below are screenshots of the three themes and the four screen savers. We apologize in advance for any lag in loading this page. Click on the respective links to download the themes/screensavers. Enjoy!

Twin Peaks Desktop Theme screen shot

Twin Peaks Desktop Theme 1415 KB

Black Lodge Desktop Theme screen shot

Black Lodge Desktop Theme 1328 KB

Another Twin Peaks Desktop Theme 1196 KB


Black Lodge Screensaver screen shot

Black Lodge Screensaver 691 KB

First Days of Peaks screensaver screen shot

First Days of Twin Peaks Screensaver 1579 KB

FWWM screensaver screen shot

FWWM Screensaver 1779 KB

Twin Peaks Screensaver screen shot

Twin Peaks Screensaver 1216 KB