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FWWM Soundtrack 1.  Theme from Twin Peaks: FWWM 6:40     MP3
2.  The Pine Float 3:58     MP3
3.  Sycamore Trees 3:52     Lyrics     MP3
4.  Don't Do Anything (I Wouldn't Do) 7:17     MP3
5.  A Real Indication 5:31     Lyrics     MP3
6.  Questions in a World of Blue 4:50     Lyrics     MP3
7.  The Pink Room 4:02     MP3
8.  The Black Dog Runs at Night 1:45     MP3
9.  Best Friends 2:12     MP3
10. Moving Through Time 6:41     MP3
11. Montage from Twin Peaks: Girl Talk/Birds in Hell/Laura Palmers      Theme/Falling 5:27     MP3
12. The Voice of Love 3:55     MP3

Both the Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me Soundtracks are produced by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti.


**About the mp3 files: If you choose to download the files, please delete them off of your hard drive after 24 hours. We do not wish to be sued by rabid record executives! We provide them as a service to you desperate Peaks fans who do not have access to them. Thank you!