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First Transcription; Cooper in Seattle :

"Testing. 1. 2. Testing." "Diane, itís 8 A.M., Seattle, Washington. As you have no doubt surmised, by the clarity of this tape, Iíve purchased a new Micro-Mac pocket tape recorder.-íThe big little recorderí at Wallyís Rent-to-Own, 1145 North Hilltop. Where, as the sign says, ĎA bargain is a bargain, no matter what the cost.í -for twenty-one dollars and eighty-nine cents, cash."

"I decided to pass on the rent-to-own option, Diane. Leasing may be the fast track to an appearance of affluence, but equity will keep you warm at night. I have no doubt that this new model will prove to be an extremely useful tool in the investigatory process- where the most fleeting insight can be lost if your hardware isnít as solid as you think it."

"I have two stops to make, Diane. Woís House of Cloth, where I am picking up a new black suit, upping my total to five- one for each day of the week, presuming I donít have to work weekends. Frequently not a safe assumption. One hundred, ninety-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents, including alterations. Second stop, the regional Bureau office to pick up some files. Although I have wrapped up the fiber-sample procedure seminar I came here to conduct, it looks like Iíll be heading east on a new case, instead of back to Philadelphia. Will fill you in on the details after Iíve been briefed."

End Transcription.

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