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At the morgue w/Laura's body:

"Diane, I am at the Twin Peaks County Morgue with the body of the victim, What's her name?"

Harry: "Laura Palmer"

"Laura Palmer."

"I got it from the autopsy; Diane, it's the same thing. I told you I had a feeling we'd see this again."

Harry: "What have you got there?"

"Ring finger, under the nail. Let's see what he left us. *It's an 'R'*."

"Diane, give this to Albert and his team. Don't go to Sam; Albert seems to be a little more on the ball."

To Harry: "We need to bag and tag this."

Harry: "Okay, Cooper. You gonna let me in on whatever is going on here?"

To Harry: "Sheriff, we've got a lot to talk about."

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