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Leaving the station:

"Diane, 12:28 AM. Looks like I'll be staying locally at a place called the 'Great Northern Hotel.' The sheriff's getting me a rate....."

"Sounds like the kind of place, that when you lie down, you won’t forget to dream. I was right about our suspect, James Hurley. He’s in custody and will be out by morning. ‘Good night, Lucy.’

Lucy: ‘Good night, Agent Coop-er. By the way, The Great Northern is up on Meadowlark Hill, that’s just below Whitetail Mountain, that’s a little bit west of here, but not too far...west.’"

"Diane, if you could bottle this air, people would line up around the block, cash in hand. Somebody, although probably not me, could make a fortune; but, isn't that always the way?"

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