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Undercover at One Eyed Jacks:

"Diane, 9 P.M. A dark, smoke-filled corner of One Eyed Jacks. The madam of the house is a spiderwoman who calls herself, ĎBlackie.í I must admit, Diane, that I have a strong attraction to this vice called gambling. Iím carrying the Bureauís money and will be utilizing certain techniques of concentration which have never failed to return a profit of at least 10 percent on the dollar. That should just about cover the losses I expect Big Ed will suffer at what, I guess, is a loaded roulette table. Roulette, Diane, is a suckers game."

"The proper receipts and paperwork will, of course, be returned after a full accounting of any looses or gains. As is usual, any profits that do accumulate, will be forwarded to some worthy charity. Diane, if Iím not mistaken, the large, fleshy, dirigible shaped card dealer, taking a seat behind the blackjack table is Jacques Renault."

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