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Getting ready for bed at the Great Northern:

"Diane, 4:37 AM. After a long, investigative night, returning to my room at the Great Northern. We have one suspect in custody, and Leo Johnson, the man I believe is responsible for Laura's death, won't be able to escape the dragnet we've thrown up for him much longer."

"As you can hear from the ambient sound around me, and I notice with some relief, that the Icelandic group, staying on my floor, have either checked or passed out. I may not need the ear pillow ear plugs, which I did receive today, Diane. Although, I suspect, I may put them to use as a purely precautionary measure."

"I ordered some hot milk from room service. Here's hoping it does the job and I'll be able to catch a few hours of quality sack time. Twenty Four hour room service must be one of the premier achievements of modern civilization."

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