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Coop is released; goes over the nights devastation:

"Diane, 9:15 A.M. Calhoun Memorial. Doc Hayward says I can expect to live a full, normal life, which should be a new experience, in and of itself. If one could buy stock in the medical supply business in Twin Peaks, Diane, this would be a good time to jump in."

"To summarize, briefly: Leo Johnson checked in at approximately 5 A.M., suffering a single gunshot wound to the upper chest. Condition-critical. Jacques Renault apparently checked out a short time later, due to murder. Pete Martell is suffering from second degree burns and smoke inhalation, as is Shelley Johnson. Suffered at the Packard Mill, which had a large fire last night. Catherine Martell is reported missing, possibly a victim of the fire. Also missing is Josie Packard. Is there something more than coincidence at work here? And Big Ed’s wife, Nadine, is in serious condition. An attempted suicide; pills I believe."

"Diane, have you ever had ‘one of those days?’"

"One other thought, Diane, have you ever known any really tall men?"

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