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After the town meeting:

"Diane, 9:30 P.M. Night has fallen hard in Twin Peaks. Youíre not going to believe this, but I am actually looking at the Milky Way, which I canít recall seeing before in quite this extraordinairy way. The night is painted with stars."

"Iíve just finished addressing the local citizenry on the need for caution and pulling together in a time like this. Have a list of people Iím going to want some background checks on, including a lady who carries a log. They call her ĎThe Log Lady.í"

"One suspect remains at large. James Hurley. Young biker, who was secretly seeing Laura behind her boyfriends back. A blowhard named ĎBobby Briggs.í I anticipate that James will be in custody within the hour and probably released shortly thereafter. Serial killers donít kill their girlfriends. They prefer the company of strangers. Heís out there somewhere, Diane. But a town like this is like a river, lots of hidden currents and eddies, concealing their own secrets. I havenít even broken the surface yet."

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