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Jacques-shot, Jacoby-heart attack, James-arrested:

"Diane, Past Midnight. Calhoun Memorial Hospital. Jacques Renault is in custody, suffering from a gunshot wound to the left shoulder. Deputy Andy Brennan shot him, saving Harry’s life. Jacques did not kill Laura Palmer; he was a player in this game. Our attention now turns to Leo Johnson, still at large. Diane, I suspect the events of this night are far from over."

"Doctor Lawrence Jacoby is resting in intensive care, suffering from a heart attack and/or physical assault. Possible relationship to this case-unknown. Except for one item, two hours ago, Dr. Jacoby claims to have seen Laura Palmer-alive."

"Diane, please also note that James Hurley has been arrested for possession of cocaine, found in the gas tank of his bike. The informant, leading to this arrest, was apparently Leo Johnson. I believe I need a large cup of hot, strong coffee."

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